Master of Fine Art. Wimbledon College of Art

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These works are indulgent assertions of excessive splendour and misguided idealism. They are exploitations of  low-culture adolescent fantasy pretending to be bourgeois high art. They play with both critique and celebration of delusions of grandeur and revel in their inherent contradictions.  The Society of the Spectacle dictates to the masses via advertising and entertainment what is desirable and beautiful. We seek glamour but find grotesque artifice. The insignia above is an elaborate logo that embodies the narcissistic flavour of the group, a launch of my own brand, a spectacular flourish of someone examining ego, ambition and the expectations of what "art" and "artist" can mean. These works knowingly implicate me in the critique as someone who enjoys the subject matter and loves the medium and history of painting, despite it's unfashionable associations with redundant ideologies and sensuous frivolity.


Works are for sale. Limited edition prints are available of each painting. Go to contact page for email details.