Current work is exploring ideas of craft, decoration and the domestic context of art. Geometric structures are over-layed with translucent images of flowers to explore pattern, rhythm and traditional ideas of beauty and visuality.

I am also working on landscape images that delve into the history and cultural significance of the geography as well as addressing my connection to Western traditions of landscape painting.

This is a continuation of an interest in the craft and traditions of painting, exploring the ideologies of historic modes of painting and questioning the place of those values in contemporary culture.






15.05.2015  Treasured Art, Ingham Sears, Mt Maunganui, New Zealand

29.10.2011  Objective Art Awards, Mangere Arts Centre, New Zealand

24.04.2010  Preambles and Perambulations, Charles Dickens Museum, London

26.02.2010  Te Awanui. Solo exhibition, Fisher Brown Gallery, Tauranga, New Zealand

04.12.2009  (N)Everland, The Nunnery, London

28.11.2009  As The World Turns, Tooting Bec, London

03.09.2009  Creed is Good, Acquire Arts, London

28.08.2009  Bethlehem College Art Exhibition, Tauranga, New Zealand

27.06.2009  Kingston on the Edge Arts Festival, Kingston, Jamaica

23.03.2009  Easter Group Show, NKB Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand

22.01.2009  Toku Ipukarea, solo exhibition, Fisher Brown Gallery, Tauranga, New Zealand

04.09.2008  Wimbledon College of Art MA show

07.03.2008  Approaches to What? The Nunnery, London

11.02.2008  Deutsche Postbank, City of London

05.01.2008  Influence group exhibiton, Bath

2004  COEX, AUT St Paul St Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand

2004  Eclectic Collection 2004, Mt Eden Framers Gallery, Auckland, NZ

2004  Autumn Collection 2004, Mt Eden Framers Gallery, Auckland, NZ





2007 - 2008  Wimbledon College of Art

                        Master of Fine Art: Painting.

2002 - 2004  Auckland University of Technology

                        Bachelor of Art and Design.

1995               Auckland Institute of Technology

                        Certificate of Art and Design Intermediate.

1994      Elam School of Fine Arts,

                        Summer School, Auckland.